Let's Get Ready for the Strengths Champion Challenge!


Here at All Our Strengths we are getting ready for what we hope will become an annual event - the All Our Strengths Champion Challenge!

The goal of this challenge is to learn ways to become Strengths Champions in our own homes, schools, communities, and organizations….and in the process, to inspire others to do the same in their own corners of the world. 

A Strengths Champion uses their own strengths to help inspire, encourage, and cultivate the strengths in others.  A Strengths Champion helps transform a place or a group that they care about into a place where people's individual strengths are recognized and valued. This can be done in little ways such as simply naming the strengths you observe in the people around you and helping them see the ways their presence contributes to the larger group. Or it can be done in bigger ways such as hosting events and activities that help people to identify their strengths and learn ways to share them with others. Examples of these kinds activities could include hosting a Family Strengths Night, organizing a strengths book club, creating a strengths-based community service project, or sponsoring a strengths poster or video contest. The possibilities are as varied as our imaginations, but the singular purpose remains the same - finding fun and effective ways to increase people's awareness, appreciation, and usage of their strengths.

Throughout the coming months of the Strengths Champion Challenge, we will be sharing ideas for you to use in your own community as well as spotlighting the ideas that you share with us. We want to help you champion the strengths in your community and to help the Strengths Movement spread!

Remembering Lao Tzu's words that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," let's help each other start making the single, small steps that, together over time, will transform more of our schools, homes, organizations and communities into "places of strengths."