A Shortcut "Life Hack" for Finding Your Purpose

Consider for a moment the possibility that your personal strengths are not just one of life's cruel jokes, but rather the very gifts that you have been put here on Earth to share.  You weren't given these gifts to be frustrated by them, but rather to use them to make things better for yourself and the people around you.

Just as a fish is supposed to swim and a rose is supposed to bloom, let's assume that your purpose is also ultimately about doing the things that you are naturally good at for the benefit of yourself and others. So for the time being, instead of wasting any more time anxiously wondering, questioning, or doubting what you should really be doing with your life, try this shortcut or "life hack" for living out your purpose today:

Effective immediately, your purpose is to use your strengths to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

So what does this really mean?  First it means getting to know your own strengths.  What natural talents do you have that are both energizing to you and beneficial to the people around you?  If you can't name your own strengths easily, using an assessment like the VIA Character Strengths Survey is a great place to start. Once you have the results from your assessment, spend some time figuring out exactly how you prefer to utilize your signature strengths in your daily life. Spy on yourself.  How do you already enjoy using your strengths? Do you naturally enjoy connecting people to each other or doing research on topics that interest you? Perhaps you enjoy making other people feel appreciated or you lose track of time while creating new ways of doing things?  Be specific in naming things that you like to do that involve your strengths.

Second, once you are clear on the types of things you love to do with your strengths, begin to act on the assumption that you should be offering your strengths for the benefit of yourself and others in all the places you spend your valuable time.  Your strengths are how you add value and make a contribution, so make a personal vow to look for ways to share them in every aspect of your life.  How can you use your strengths to make a positive contribution at work, at school, in your neighborhood, and with your family and friends?  How can you help wherever you are? Don't wait to be asked. Sharing your strengths is living out your purpose.  You will feel great when you see yourself making a difference for others by sharing your talents and doing the things that you love. Also, try making a list of all the main areas of your life and then figure out how your strengths and passions could be helpful to others in each of those areas.

Once you a) know your strengths, b) understand the ways you most enjoy using them, and c) have a sense of how they could help in all of the places where you are already spending your time, then the right time to start sharing your strengths is now...as in immediately...as in  "Why haven't you started already?"  Soon you won't be wondering what to do with your life because you will be so busy doing it.

The world is always, always, always in need of people who are willing to share their strengths, so here's to you and your new life of purpose!