Family Strengths Night

A Family Strengths Night is a fun evening full of conversation, games, and activities in which students and families learn more about strengths, why they matter, and how we can all identify and encourage the unique strengths in ourselves, our families, and in our schools. A Family Strengths Night is a celebration of all the good that exists within the people in your school's community. Find out everything you need to know to host a great Family Strengths Night at your school by downloading our free guide!

Community Strengths Champions Training

Community Strengths Champions™ are volunteers whose only job is to make sure that the people in their community are helped to understand their strengths and to find a meaningful way to contribute them. Community Strengths Champions don’t have to be professionals or experts. They only have to be passionate about using their own strengths to encourage the strengths of the people within their community. Community Strengths Champions™ training workshops prepare volunteers, educators, parents, and leaders to successfully serve in this role by sharing practices that help build a welcoming and sustainable strengths-based culture.