I am a coach with a passion for helping people "know, grow, and show" their own strengths. My mission is teaching people how to become strengths champions in their own communities, families, schools, and organizations. I believe each person's strengths should be nurtured and cultivated because the world needs all our strengths.

In addition to coaching, Sonya's varied professional experiences have included directing an inner-city youth program, community organizing, and being a performing singer-songwriter. She currently works in human resources and talent delivery within a global professional services organization.

Sonya is an active and committed community volunteer and is featured in Paul Loeb’s classic books on citizenship and civic engagement, The Soul of a Citizen and The Impossible Will Take a Little While. She is passionate about the way engaged parent and community groups can create and support positive change within our public schools and is just finishing a two-year term as the PTA Co-President at her daughter's elementary school. Under Sonya's leadership, her PTA local unit received several honors including a Model PTA Award from Georgia PTA and was named a 2016-18 National PTA School of Excellence.

Sonya has a B.A. in English and a Master's degree in Psychology and Leadership Coaching. She is passionate about taking strengths coaching to people who would not ordinarily have access to it, so she loves to work with nonprofit organizations, congregations, schools, and community groups.

Sonya lives in Decatur with her daughter, Sophia Joi, and her husband Jeep Hook, a musician, songwriter, and producer. She is available for workshops, coaching, and speaking engagements to help people discover their own strengths and learn how to recognize and encourage strengths in others.

Sonya's signature VIA character strengths are: Forgiveness, Curiosity, Humor, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Fairness, Love of Learning, and Perspective.

Sonya's top StrengthsFinder Talent themes are: Input, Connectedness, Positivity, Includer, Strategic, Learner, and Maximizer.

Sonya also really, really loves books, pancakes, and pie!